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Company profile Ying Xin Shandong color Board limited company was established in 2007, which consists of Shandong huatai new material limited company, Shandong xintai new material limited company, Shandong Julong prepainted galvanized steel co.,ltd  branch. It has two acidic lines, six rolling mill lines, three lines of galvanized , two coating lines. Is a leading cold-rolled plate, acid, galvanized sheets, color coating plates, steel, steel coating du series production, research and development and sales of large-scale private enterprises. Is the passed ISO9000:2008 quality management system standard certification. In December 2011, the company produces the Ying Xin, Royale brand color-coated plate, by the provincial quality and technical supervision Bureau recognized as famous trademark of Shandong Province.


Company has a modern working environment and facilities, as well as advanced computer numerically controlled production equipment. The total number of employees reached more than 600 people, including college degree or above accounted for more than 60, with senior professional titles are almost more than 80 people. Has won the city contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, customer satisfaction and municipal credit private enterprise, China good faith Enterprise honest members of the Association and other honorary titles. Exports to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.


Companies adhere to the people-oriented, integrity, the benefit of the community, to create brilliant business purposes, as a business exists to create social wealth, the soul of integrity as a business, the staff development as the fundamental enterprise development.


 Ying Xin will be based on the national, shareholders, collaborators, for consumers, for a highly responsible attitude of workers, with the times, hard work, self-reliance, increased international competitiveness, through our unremitting efforts, the international first-class enterprise group Ying Xin, realize the Grand goal of Ying Xin!

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