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The last Xiaobian to tell you what color steel plate, today we look at the characteristics of color steel plate.
1 light weight: 10-14 kg / square meter, equivalent to brick wall 1/30.
2 thermal insulation: core material thermal conductivity: lambda <=0.041w/mk.
3 high strength: can be used for the construction of the ceiling envelope plate, bending resistance; general housing without beam column.
4 bright color: no surface decoration, color galvanized steel anti-corrosion layer to maintain a period of 10-15 years.
5 flexible installation: construction cycle can be shortened by more than 40%.
6 oxygen index: (OI) 32 (provincial fire products quality inspection station).
These are the characteristics of color steel plate, you need to come to Shandong color steel plate Co., ltd..

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